Solving the need for an operating control that offers a superior level of protection from corrosion and extreme environments, The Econotrol ET4X Microcontroller gets you up and running fast. The system is designed for indoor or outdoor installations, including offshore applications, and offers protection against windblown dust and rain, protection from splashing water and hose-directed water, and is corrosion resistant. A 16 Function sealed Tactile Membrane Keypad with MENU selection and on screen instructions provide easy to understand messages (Audio & Video Annunciation). Large Backlighted Liquid Crystal Display provides Rate Of Flow Indication and Totalization of Both Main Flow and Additive. Shown right, a Ticket Printer is available which Prints Total Main Flow, Total Additive Flow, Run Time, Customer I.D. Numbers, and Date & Time of Delivery. The Print Signal can also be sent to any PC With Standard Software Import Capability. All Econotrol Microcontrollers can be read, configured, or operated locally or via the internet from any PC. Any Errors in system operation, e.g., Lo Tank Level, are automatically broadcast back to the host system. The unit can also be programmed locally with the 833 MHZ RF remote.