When deciding on a flow system or component to meet your needs, Economy Controls Corporation has been manufacturing these systems for 40+ years. ECC has several systems we build from scratch, and we also have the ability to build a system to exactly meet your requirements. No matter what application or size of your requirement, ECC can design, build, install, and provide after sales service and support. Below is a list of “Top Ten Reasons to Choose Economy Controls Corporation” for systems that measure up!

Quality – When it comes to Blending, Batching, Injecting, Metering, Pumping, Dispensing and/or Filling liquids, quality is not an option.  The correct ratio is vital for consistency and integrity of your product.  ECC’s computer software and measuring systems result in minimal to no waste , thus saving you money and materials.

Experience – ECC has been manufacturing flow systems for over 40+ years.  We know liquids!  Our designs have created solutions for countless and unique challenges.  We look forward to discussing how our design team can manufacture a system which fits your exact specifications.

Wide Selection – ECC manufactures Blenders, Batchers, Injectors, Metering Devices, Pumps and Dispensers.  If one of our current systems does not meet your specifications, we can adapt or create a new system to satisfy your needs.  If you do not see what you require, please contact us to access exactly what you need.

Customer Service – Customer service is our top priority.  During business hours a person will answer your calls and efficiently direct you to a person who can assist you with your specific question.  Our goal is to make life easy for our customers and anticipate any needs which may arise in the future.

Relationships – We wouldn’t stay in business for 40+ years by simply producing quality metering systems.  At ECC we believe on building strong relationships as well.  We pride ourselves on providing no-nonsense, direct advice on products to serve your needs.  We believe in selling you only what you need, and doing what we say, and saying what we do.

We have established customer confidence and built relationships with crop growers, ag and fuel distributors, fuel producers, The Department of Defense, Industrial manufacturers, OEM’s, and chemical industries throughout the world.



Technical Support – Every year we provide technical support and parts for products we made over 30 years ago that continue in service today.  We can provide the answer or the exact part.  Why?  Because we design, draw, and build every system ourselves.  A system is only valuable when it is working properly.  No other company can provide the level of technical service we provide.

Technology – We have created our own software to control the flow in all of our systems.  ECC software allows you to change the flow rates instantaneously altering concentrations for different grades and/or for changing climatic conditions.  Our systems allow you to change additive levels while drinking a cup of coffee whether inside a truck or out in the field.  Our systems greatly reduce waste and ensure accuracy of liquids resulting in the perfect mixtures.

Warranty – All ECC systems come standard with a 2-year conditional guarantee.  In addition, we offer free technical support for the life of the product (with ECC factory parts).

100% Testing – We test every single product produced to ensure quality and trouble free operation, in house, and in the field, to ensure trouble free operation.

Facility – Our 1+ acre manufacturing facility is located in St. Louis County, Missouri, and is centrally located for national distribution.  The size and location of our facility offers flexibility in meeting our customers’ demands.  We have the capability to build large orders while simultaneously designing and building a single system for a customer.